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Satisfied Customers, ZERO Defects and Quality don't happen by accident. At Astra/CFX we are able to meet the demands for the most Quality conscious OEM’s in the world. How? With world class application specific designs and a trained staff.

  • Proven technology is used with built in system redundancy like an airliner to protect the client's job one
  • Computerized Maintenance is used to fix machinery and systems before they fail
  • An in house machine shop as well as a large spare parts inventory quickly gets failed machinery back on line
  • Extensive use of vision systems that eliminate errors at the point of raw goods induction and final assembly
  • Cost effective error free Robotics used wherever feasible
  • Daily use of our in house developed pre and post shift employee training program called Auto Trainer
  • Pride in our appearance with uniformed staff and machinery that is cleaned and maintained daily

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AutoTrainer® - Daily Employee Training & Testing

How does Astra/CFX achieve ZERO defects? With our industry leading software-based training process... AutoTrainer®

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